Median Maintenance

Discovery HOA and Comstock Village HOA were two of the primary caretakers of the flowerbed at the intersection of Delmonico and Rockrimmon since the City Parks Department created the Springs in Bloom program in 2004 when the City found they no longer had the resources to unilaterally support the program.

Discovery HOA volunteered initially with the help of Comstock Village, Golden Hills and Raven Hill HOAs to adopt the median and to provide flowers with help from several local nurseries. A few years later the City Parks Dept. reopened the City Greenhouse and provided most of the flowers for the median. At that time Discovery and Comstock became the primary caretakers, adding additional plantings and grasses.

The Discovery and Comstock HOAs decided at the end of 2020 that it was time to “turn over the trowel” to new caretakers. We’re sure it will continue to bring beauty to a busy intersection.

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who helped plant, weed and pick up trash over the 24 years of service. They've all been very dedicated and appreciated volunteers.

Over the years we never won the Parks Department’s Golden Trowel Award for outstanding flowerbed, but in 2014 we did receive a framed “thank you” flower plaque recognizing 10 years (to that point) of enhancing the beauty of our area. However, our awards were the many waves and “Thank You!” comments as our volunteers worked in the median over the years. Appreciation is the greatest Award. Thanks again to all the volunteers from Discovery who created beauty on a very busy intersection for so many years.