Our Discovery

Discovery is a unique development, located within the Colorado Springs city limits, a few minutes west of  I-25 and just South of the Air Force Academy. It is within Academy School District 20, one of the highest rated school districts in Colorado. Discovery was developed in the 1970s and consists of approximately 130 acres of wooded land. To preserve the beauty of the area, streets were designed to follow natural contours and miss special trees, clumps of scrub oak, and rock formations. Covenants were written to provide control over design, quality, and environmental compatibility of the homes. As a result of these covenant protections, today Discovery is a beautiful and mature community. 

The Covenants are administrated by the Discovery Homeowner’s Association and is self-managed by a Board elected from the full membership of the 332 property owners within the sub-division. All property owners may nominate and vote on themselves or other members to serve on the Board at the Discovery HOA annual meeting.

In addition to nice human neighbors, Discovery has an abundance of signature Colorado wildlife. Mule deer, bear, rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and bobcats all call Discovery home. There is also a large resident bird population including owls, magpies, woodpeckers, turkeys, and many, many more.  Depending upon the season, hummingbirds, warblers, buntings, tanagers, and flycatchers flit from branch to branch as two major bird migration routes (the Pacific Flyway and the Central Flyway) run through Colorado. 

While it is a great idea to feed the birds, please do not feed our other wildlife. Aside from being against the law in Colorado, feeding our wildlife encourages a degree of familiarity that may then become dangerous for both wild and human neighbors.

We look forward to meeting and getting to knowing you as friends and neighbors.

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