Jazz in the Park Event Has Been Rescheduled!

It will take place starting at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, 26 June


It's Spring...time to get going in the yard!

Yes, Winter is still a fresh memory and we had several snowy days with a high moisture content that helped our trees, shrubs and lawns immensely, but now it's time to contend with the results. Crocuses, daffodils, and irises are already appearing and some of our shrubs are starting to bud out! For many of us with lawns, a tinge of green is starting to show. The pines are trying to shed their last brown needles from 2018 to make room for new pollen buds and cones.

We're starting to have warmer days with lots of sunshine. This is a great time to get out and shape up your yard. If you haven't already cut back your ornamental grasses, trim them ASAP down to the level of the new, green growth starting to push through (or 2-3 inches from the ground, if there isn't any new growth yet). If you have boxwoods, trim off any "winter kill" leaves...in fact, the best time to trim and shape up any of your shrubs is now, before they start their growing season in earnest!

Whether your yard is a "natural" landscape or "manicured," our recent "bomb cyclone" probably left it covered in a new blanket of pine needles and broken branches. Best to clean that up before the underlying new growth starts to push through. And finally, if you are contemplating a garden this year, it's time to start prep work!

If you aren't sure what or when to do in the yard, Colorado Springs Utilities has a fantastic resource nearby.  The Conservation and Environmental Center at 2855 Mesa Road has a very knowledgeable and helpful staff, as well as Demonstration Gardens and a number of water wise classes aimed at supporting a sustainable environment in our area. The Center is staffed from 8-5, Monday thru Friday, but the gardens are available for information and ideas evenings and weekends as well.

Now is the time to put in a little effort to keep Discovery a beautiful, desirable community. The longer you put it off, the harder it will become!


We are aware of the presence of a few storage sheds in Discovery. Some were approved…and some “magically appeared.”  No further violations of ARC Approval will be permitted. Any future sheds discovered to have been constructed without ARC approval will be subject to relocation or removal at the owner's expense.  Please review the information on sheds in our FAQ area before you decide if you need a shed in your yard.

Your Spring 2019 Newsletter is now available in the Documents area. We hope you find it both interesting and useful.