Board of Directors - 2019         

Your current Board of Directors as approved at the 2018 Annual Meeting is detailed below. In addition, Rick Midtbo was approved as Administrator. 2019 duties were determined at the January 2019 meeting. 

We are always looking for neighbors who may be interested in serving on the Board.  If you might be interested in serving in some capacity on the Board, please let us know at .

Mike Daniels        
c: (719) 205-9291

Betsy Cook
Jan Doran*

Maria Hopmayer 

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)             
Aaron Duston, Chairman
Andreas Ballard
Jan Doran*
Ryan Griffith

Covenant Compliance                                          
Ed Moore

Welcome Committee                                            
Linda Leiss Landry

Administrator/Webmaster                                    OR
Rick Midtbo                                                           
c: (719) 964-4122

*Jan Doran volunteered to re-join the Board in October 2019 to help with workload backlogs due to the resignation of our previous co-treasurer and the illness of one of our ARC members