New Parking for Ute Valley Park

The following information was extracted from an article that first appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette in April 2017:

Regarded as one of the most scenic and heavily-used parks on Colorado Springs’ northwest side, Ute Valley Park is a popular dog walking, hiking and mountain biking attraction to outdoor enthusiasts.  However, few people know about the new parking lot off of Delmonico Dr which results in motorists taking advantage of and filling the Vindicator Drive parking lot to capacity.  

The new lot offers a better option than having to park on side streets when the Vindicator Drive lot is full.  Park users are then forced to use the Eagleview Middle School parking lot or park their vehicle on Bison Ridge Drive, the closest cross street in the Southface neighborhood. Motorists who park on Bison Ridge run across Vindicator Drive, a busy crosswalk-free, four-lane street abuzz with vehicles coming and going, and people meeting and conversing with family and friends. When Bison Ridge fills with cars, motorists find it difficult to maneuver their vehicle in and out of the neighborhood.

Located northwest of the Marriott Hotel near Hewlett Packard off of South Rockrimmon Road and southeast of Vindicator Drive, the new lot is accessed from Rockrimmon Boulevard. Motorists who follow the signs to Hewlett Packard will happen upon a roundabout leading them to the new Ute Valley Park parking lot that accesses the park from the east side.