Locking Mailbox Update

While we haven’t been alerted that mail theft is a serious problem here in Discovery, it is a very big problem in other parts of Colorado Springs, and has been an occasional problem here. Last year a few neighbors contacted Board members to express interest in obtaining locking mailboxes, so we did some research and presented an option that is consistent with our unique mailbox structures. 

We identified a locking mailbox that can be accommodated in our existing standard mailbox structures. Your Board agreed to allot up to $700 for a pilot project to offer locking mailboxes to our Discovery homeowners for $100 per property, including installation, if there was enough interest. The offer was contingent on receiving requests from at least 15 properties to be able to take advantage of a volume discount. As it turned out, there was more than enough interest! 

We received requests from 42 households but only had enough funding for the first 16. Therefore, the remaining 26 properties have been “waitlisted” pending evaluation of results of the initial offering and consideration of further funding by your Board.