You MUST Register for Firewise Chipping Pickups this Year!

We recently received an annual report on the Firewise program from the Colorado Springs Fire Department.  In the accompanying letter, Jeremy Taylor, Wildfire Mitigation Program Administrator, advised:

"One item that I struggle with celebrating was the number of homes that we serviced that did not properly sign up for the Neighborhood Chipping Program. The program serviced a total of 1,014 homes that did not properly register or sign up for the Neighborhood Chipping Program. This means that these 1,014 homes put slash material out at the curb during the designated chipping week and were serviced, but were unaccounted for on our chipping list. For years our program has tried to be courteous and supportive of all residents that want to remove hazardous vegetation from their property, but we do need homeowners to help us by registering in an effort to provide a more efficient chipping service.  

As of this year, our program will not pick up piles that are not registered on our chipping list or did not register with you (for those of you that collect the addresses for chipping on our behalf). "

Registration for the Neighborhood Chipping Program is currently active as of now if residents would like to sign up early on the Wildfire Mitigation website,, or you may contact Ashley Whitworth at 719-385-7342 with questions.