DHOA Annual Meeting for 2020


The Discovery Homeowners Association Annual Meeting was held remotely on Oct. 20, 2020 using the Zoom online application. 

Mike Daniels, President, introduced the Board and a guest speaker of interest to our neighborhood. Ashley Whitworth, Program Coordinator for the Colorado Springs Fire Department Firewise Program, provided a very informative update on the 2019 Firewise Project (potentially to be conducted twice again in 2020).

A quorum of residents was present, thereby allowing official business to be conducted. The 2020 Budget was adopted by unanimous vote. It is a near replica of the 2019 Budget, which resulted in a surplus. The 2020 budget, along with the 2019 Budget and 2019 actual expenditures, is available here. Your HOA is in excellent financial shape, which says a lot for our low fee structure and your Board's prudent oversight of expenditures. The membership present voted to retain the services of Rick Midtbo as Administrator.

The election of Board members resulted in the retention of Linda Leiss Landry. The terms of all other current Board members had not yet expired, and all agreed to continue. 

Presentations followed on the "State of Discovery," as well as Architectural Review Committee and Covenant Compliance interests. Details are available in the minutes (link below).

New Business included questions from the floor regarding cleanup of Dry Creek and replacement of our aging streetlights. Both topics to be pursued with appropriate Colorado Springs offices

Members present selected the design for our six new "Welcome to Discovery" signs.

The membership present voted two properties as winners of the 2019 Best Curb Appeal Awards: 

  • 7306 Stonegate won Best "Natural" Curb Appeal
  • 7111 Wintery Loop won Best "Manicured" Cub Appeal
Both winners received a $100 gift card to Lowe's Home Improvement and plaques for their mailboxes.

Finally, Mike Daniels and Rick Midtbo discussed a question from the floor regarding the City Planning Commission proposal to change the nature of R-1 zones (such as Discovery) to allow Auxiliary Dwelling Units. The consensus of those present was that the Board should continue to engage with City representatives to express that Discovery property owners oppose that proposed change.

Thanks to those who attended and we hope you will all consider attending next year’s meeting. This is a great way to learn of the activities of your Association and to meet your neighbors.

The complete minutes are available here for additional details and insights into the 2019 Annual Meeting.