Firewise Second Event for 2021


The Wildfire Mitigation Program of the Colorado Springs Fire Department once again scheduled two Firewise pickup weeks for Discovery (June 28-July 1 and September 27-October 1). While a number of homeowners took advantage of the first opportunity, we know that some of you were out of town or otherwise missed it.  We also received complaints from a few residents that their shrub and tree clippings were not picked up. Upon investigation, we learned that they either had not notified the CSFD of their desire to participate, or had not stacked their debris appropriately, e.g., they simply left them in one big pile or left them in their yard, across the sidewalk!

CSFD will provide a second chipping opportunity during the last week of September, but you MUST notify them that you wish to participate.  To sign up for chipping, you may contact the Wildfire Mitigation Program Coordinator, Ashley Whitworth, directly at (719) 385-7342, or you may sign up online at the Colorado Springs Fire Department website (use the red Submit a Request button).

Please keep in mind the following Chipping Program criteria: 

  • Homeowners MUST REGISTER to participate in either event (use phone number or link below) even if you have already had a consultation - please don't wait until the last minute as the CSFD may not have the resources available for your consultation!
  • Residents must have had an onsite consultation in the past 5 years
  • Material must be curbside by 8 AM Monday morning and will be picked up by the end of the week; if you miss the opportunity on your street, the CSFD will not drive up and down looking for stray piles later
  • Debris piles must be stacked appropriately; incorrectly stacked piles will not be picked up (please see the attached flier for pile stacking guidelines). 

Direct your Firewise questions or concerns to:

Ashley Whitworth
Wildfire mitigation Program Coordinator 
Colorado Springs Fire Department 
Office: (719) 385-7342
Fax: (719) 385-7344