DHA Annual Meeting Recap

Your 2018 Discovery Homeowners Association Annual Meeting was held at the Woodmen Valley Chapel Education Building (Building 250) on Thursday, October 25. We would like to thank those neighbors who were able to make time in their busy schedules to come out and participate in determining the future of Discovery!

As is customary, the meeting opened with a guest presentation by Ashley Whitworth, Program Coordinator for the Colorado Springs Fire Department.  She provided statistics regarding the two Firewise Chipping weeks we benefited from in 2018 and insight into the criteria for continuation of Discovery in the program. She also gave tips on how to reduce home fire vulnerabilities. She is available at awhitworth@springsgov.com if you want additional information or would like to schedule a Firewise inspection.

Mike Daniels, DHA President, then reported recent crime statistics and crime prevention tips as provided by the Colorado Springs Police Department. Bottom Line: Discovery has had VERY few problems, but we can all do more to personally avoid becoming victims, particularly in the upcoming holiday seasons.

As a quorum was present, the membership voted and approved the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes. The 2019 Budget was discussed and adopted by unanimous vote. It is a near replica of the 2018 Budget which resulted in a surplus. The 2019 budget, along with the 2018 Budget and 2018 actual expenditures, is available here. Your HOA is in excellent financial shape, which says a lot for our low fee structure and prudent oversight of expenditures. The membership also agreed to continue solicitation of voluntary contributions for Police Patrols, Neighborhood Assistance, and General funds. 

Finally, the membership voted to retain the five members standing for re-election to the DHA Board, approved adding two new members, and voted to retain Rick Midtbo as our Administrator. 

Board members and the Administrator then presented reports of Board activities in 2018, and Mike Daniels led discussions of several New Business items. Finally, the inaugural Best Curb Appeal Awards were presented, along with $100 Lowes Home Improvement gift certificates to the two properties voted as winners.

Draft minutes of the meeting will be posted shortly.  Check back in for further details.