2020 DHA Annual Meeting Recap

Due to the meeting restrictions imposed during the COVID-119 pandemic, our 2020 Discovery Homeowners Association Annual Meeting was held "virtually" using ZOOM meeting software on Tuesday, October 22. We would like to thank those neighbors who were able to make time in their busy schedules to participate in determining the future of Discovery!

As a quorum was present, the membership voted and approved the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes. The 2021 Budget proposal was discussed and adopted by unanimous vote. It is a near replica of the 2020 Budget which resulted in a surplus. The 2021 budget, along with the 2020 Budget and 2020 actual expenditures, is available here. Your HOA is in excellent financial shape, which says a lot for our low fee structure and prudent oversight of expenditures. 

Mike Daniels (President) noted that he is term-limited and will therefore be leaving the Board at the end of the year.  The membership voted to retain Linda Liess Landry and to add Katie Doyle to the DHA Board. 

Board members then presented reports on projects approved at the 2019 Annual Meeting. 
- Rick Midtbo indicated that the replacement of our aging Discovery boundary signage is complete.  Kudos to Aaron Duston, who did all the ground work to arrange the purchases, coordinate the installations, and remove the old signage.  
- Betsy Cook reported that the Dog Waste Bag Dispensing Station had been purchased and the City had finally approved our chosen installation site (on City property over the Dry Creek drainage from Big Valley Dr). She indicated that volunteers would install the station before the end of the month. 

There being no questions or suggestions from the floor, Mike Daniels thanked all for their participation and adjourned the meeting.

Draft minutes of the meeting are available here.