DHA Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars!  Your 2019 Discovery Homeowners Association Annual Meeting will be held at the Woodmen Valley Chapel Gymnasium from:

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM on Tuesday, October 22

This is your chance to participate in the governance of your HOA. If you are interested in serving on your HOA Board, or know of someone who may be interested, please let us know so we may properly prepare for the election:


Also, we will award $100 Lowes Home Improvement gift certificates to two properties voted as winners of the Best Curb Appeal Award, one each for Best Native landscape and for Best Manicured landscape. REMEMBER: Voting will be by attendees at the Annual Meeting and an owner must be present to win, so come on out!

This is your chance to learn more about your neighborhood and to voice your opinions or concerns.

Whether you plan to attend or not, please complete this RSVP form so we may plan properly. Thank you!


Directions to Woodmen Valley Chapel Gymnasium

Woodmen Valley Chapel is located off Woodmen Road, just west and north of the Monument Creek overpass as you enter Rockrimmon from I-25 via Woodmen Rd.

  • If you are approaching via Rockrimmon Blvd from Discovery, turn left at the Woodmen Rd traffic light (by the self-storage facility). Take the third turn on the right; this will lead you into the main parking lot. Bear left to the lower parking lot and follow around to the large building at the far end (Gymnasium).  Park in front of the southeast corner and enter through the large doors on the lower level.  NOTE: This entrance is handicap accessible.
  • If you are approaching via Woodmen Rd from Woodmen Valley, take the first left after the 90 degree curve at the northeast end of the valley, then follow the instructions just above.